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A team of experienced & certified professionals focusing on Change Management & Corporate Governance Advisory & Implementation.

We have partnered with Prosci® - the most knowledgeable organization in the Change Management industry / field, backed by more than 20 years of Change Management research and best practices.

We adapted the Principled Performance® for GRC of OCEG® (Open Compliance and Ethics Group) the NFP think tank that invented Principled Performance® and GRC in 2002.

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ProClipse Consulting Advisory Services include tailored solutions, along with coaching and workshops. We will assess your challenge and design a customized approach that aligns to your unique organizational needs.


Your Tailored Experiences​

We believe in building a trusted partner relationship to ensure successful results for you as our client. We involve our experienced practitioners and advisors, we facilitate workshops, we coach your leaders, your teams and work with you to tailor the solution that will enable your people to make the required transition into the new expected future. The goal is to set you up to reap the benefits of your transformation investments.

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Change Implementation

ProClipse Consulting Change Implementation services provide you with the opportunity to engage Certified Prosci Change Management Affiliates and gain access to the latest Change Management research, tools and methods available. ProClipse Consulting’s advisors collaborate with your team to apply Change Management methods to deliver sustainable results by proving expert application of Change Management practices and tools to improve adoption of your changes.

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Training and Upskilling

To remain ahead, an organization must adapt to the ever-changing environment it’s in, lest it becomes obsolete. Because success is when opportunity meets preparation, a continuous development driven culture is a crucial one for an organization to adopt. Better efficiency, reduced costs, improved product /service quality and customer satisfaction are some of the benefits that can come as a result of a continuous development culture, when it is coupled with tangible practices applied on a consistent basis.

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About Prosci®

80% of Fortune 100 companies trust Prosci’s capability to enable growth & realization of goals pertinent to Change Management solutions based on holistic, research-based, easy-to-use tools, methodologies and services. Over 65,000 Change Management practitioners have been certified by Prosci.

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